Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

-- for AM solutions entering Production Grade

March 3rd, 2022 – Lobotics, a high-tech company from the United States that provides one-stop additive manufacturing solutions, officially announced that it will land China's first entity in Hefei, Anhui Province. It was revealed that the company made the disadvantages of low efficiency and high cost of additive manufacturing technology in the past, into achieve high efficiency and low production cost through its knowhow and technology, and also integrated it with the automation production process and AI learning all together into one-stop solution, which will dramatically improve efficiency and capability through software iteration by OTA. So far, Lobotics has provided 3D printing and customization services for automotive, aerospace and other high-end manufacturing customers. Taking XEV, one of the most symbolic customers as an example, its YOYO model equipped with 3D printing accessories has been sold in the European market. It is reported that the solution provided by Lobotics is several times more efficient than its current competitors in the market, and the cost is nearly 10 times lower, which also indicates that Lobotics's 3D printing additive manufacturing technology has the ability to enter the B2C market on a large scale.

It is reported that the core team of Lobotics comes from the automotive, industrial and additive manufacturing industries respectively, and has profound industry knowledge and technology accumulation on how to combine additive manufacturing technology with automation and traditional equipment for in-depth large-scale industrial application. Until the end of Feb of 2022, Lobotics had received investment from famous investment institutions in Silicon Valley and the world, and it was predicted that it would soon officially introduce its one-stop solution to the global market in June 2022.

Digital technology is one of the important technologies developed in the world today, and the application scenario of 3D additive manufacturing technology is also closely related to digital technology. It can more directly and efficiently improve the customer experience through the user journey and data accumulation with customers, and realize rapid upgrading and iteration through data. The goal of Lobotics is to comply with this trend and provide our customers with more efficient solutions, so that they can manufacture products more digitally, sustainably and flexibly, so that end users can get final products with extreme experience.

“Additive Manufacturing has been around more than 30 years, but mainly focusing on the prototyping applications. Today challenging manufacturing environment requires more agile and production focused solutions. We at Lobotics are thrilled to bring the Additive Manufacturing into Production by leveraging our long years of expertise in 3D Printing and Automotive Industry.” Said by Baran Tankut Gumusel, CEO of Lobotics.

About Lobotics
Founded in 2021, lobotics focused on integrating a wide range of additive manufacturing processes into a one-stop ultra efficient automatic production process, and highly integrating different future production processes such as data technology, 3D printing, robot control, automatic production, material technology, post-processing, cloud control, AI learning and remote upgrading, It aims to create a one-stop production solution serving the industrial scene, so as to shape a new production mode for the future of manufacturing.